Anastasio Wrobel 

they/them/theirs pronouns

aka aung.robo est. 2011

B. 1988 WA USA. Wrobel is a multi-process political visual artist, an award winning writer and a painter, a poet, a photographer and illustrator. 

Wrobel creates bright and fluorescent two-dimensional works using line, splatter, spray paint, and oils. Sometimes together, sometimes not. Painting is an expression of their inner world and processing of current stimulations.


Illustration is existential. 


When alone, output is largely focused on the self.


Identity is a central component of Wrobel's work. Much of their process is informed by “accumulation". 


Past projects include “The Non-Binary Coloring Book” - an abstract coloring book celebrating gender expansion with over forty-two original ink illustrations, “ENBYTOK,” writings and educational musings about transgender experience, Clothes that Fight Back - poems, politic and self-reflection printed in limited edition clothing and textile creations.


Forthcoming projects include “aung.robo: the first decade seattle to santa fe” (Coming August 2021) and a new poetry collection called “Kill the Mean Self Before the Magic Self Dies.”

Contact: (505) 316-1766 or email at