Let Yourself Be Huge

Painting lines is a habit to indulge. It is a way to meditate, a way to record and pass the time, ingest news, listen to music, respond to reading, gardening, partying, existing - A way to log and associate reactions and experience. The finale of those experiences are deployed in my compositions. Bursts of color, drips, and pockets of jarring vibration are what I focus on. 

Using quick hyphenated marks acts like an excessive punctuation throughout the work. I’m hoping to emphasize a feeling or idea very quickly. These marks are reference for headlines and anecdotes, memes and conversations that are somehow all connected - the end equates their significance. My consumption is rapid and I don’t always want to relive all of it. It’s imprinted in me and I want it to be outside of me. 

In certain strokes these works explore the end points of the line rather than the beginning. Sometimes the most interesting mark ends up on the wall and not on the canvas, and so the construction continues by the process of addition; to explicate all of them into a compelling, finished, visual depiction.

©2020 by anastasiowrobel