Art is ON!

Greetings dear ones! Consider this an emergence! A reunion! A glimpse... What a treat this is to open thought in a space all my own! I have been living, hiding and tending to my health - all facets of it during this lockdown. The past six months have been taxing but now I am painting again and it feels so good to get it out on a canvas. I spent so much time painting lines these past years that transitioning to painting shape happened with little notice from myself! The drive to paint has returned thanks to a push to get into the Artist Support Pledge. This is a community platform founded in the UK by Matthew Burrows as a way to share and support artist's works for $200 (or equivalent depending on your location) and when we (the artist) reach $1000 in sales, we turn around and make a purchase to keep the pledge/support going. I am on the precipice of making my first purchase to fulfill my portion of the pledge and feeling very excited to keep going. Thanks to my generous supporters the ball is rolling and this is a welcome disruption to nothing. Here is a story that will explain its origin in depth: Artist Support Pledge. I am looking ahead to new projects and making deadlines to keep engaged and keep my mind occupied. Finding purpose is harder than ever sometimes and I know that each time I put my mind to it to push on a little further, it gets easier.

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