October at the halfway point

WOW! It feels like just a few weeks ago that I sat down intending to be more present in this space and keep accurate record of my time and output. Guess that idea is out the window! I even had a catchy post title at the beginning of this month "Seven Months in Solitude" but that is far from the truth. September found me outside trying new walking trails in my city, admiring flowers, crossing off old experiences from my post-covid-19 life list, and one of those a couple nights sleeping away at Ghost Ranch with my family for a little getaway. Have you been there? I enjoyed car-hopping across the ranch as it seemed we were the only guests staying there. I was certainly the only night owl playing around with my camera out there! I didn't carry a tripod and was much more enchanted by the moonlight and using the camera as an instrument to capture motion! I want to share the images I made there very soon as I work to share the past few years of my travel photography! It was marvelous to return. I tried new trails, followed the deer along the arroyo Yeso, and most importantly survived the experience to see another day. My intention was to sketch and produce but when I arrived, my body needed rest and recharge. It is always a pleasure to witness that land. I have been fight my depression as well - working to clean the studio and get back to painting? I don't know or understand why it takes these big pauses of my time, being inactive, but I am trying to be kind and patient and thankful for the other projects that I am working on. Teaching myself Polish basics, and feeling really fine about keeping a notebook for the progress. Maybe someday I will share notes :)

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