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The Non-Binary Coloring Book is a project by trans visual artist Anastasio Wrobel. This project began as a way to reimagine the norm, an attempt to create for the rest of us, genderqueer, bending, trans, non-conformists et al - being across body, across imagination, across socially constructed norms. Less mandalas and more soft boundaries and endless possibility. This project born of longing for bodies that felt familiar, bodies outside conception but wholly within embodiment. Familiar with intersection and variation, glowing with love. 


The NBCB is a radical act of self-love, preservation and illumination for forthcoming projects, illustrations and more. It is a unique style of drawing Wrobel juxtaposes multi-breasted figures alongside bodies with top-surgery scars and abstract shapes, then there are people who morph into creature or place or time or prediction. They set out to think about enby folks and how we could have things specifically for us or for you, so that it could open up conversations and remind people we know ourselves best and can look however we decide. This is to show people that there is no proper way to have a body, to have a gender in order to live in society. 


This is the fourth iteration of the work and it includes some updated drawings, as well as blank pages to add your own personal touches to the work - culminating in a self-portrait paper doll project to help you see yourself too!


This work is created with the intention of being shared amongst the LGBTQIAP2S+ community et al and I only ask that you credit the work back to this site,, and name myself, Anastasio Wrobel as the original illustrator. 


Please feel free to share your finished coloring book pages to with permission to post if you'd like to be featured in the art gallery!



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