Acrylic paint, acrylic ink, gesso, xerox collage, Sharpie on canvas.


This image was one of the first painting and illusrative hybrids that I begin working on in late 2016. Starting off with some small marks and lines, I gradually built up the composition chewing on the tension created between Pyrrole Red and an Emerald Green. I utilized different combinations that would continue to build the image in this way, working to build different dynamics within the painting itself. 


As the piece has grown through the completion of the Non-Binary Coloring Book, it took a backseat to other endeavors that dictated new illustrations be created for the work. By utilizing collage and repurposing enlargements of old illustrations I was able to create a short interplay between the characters. 


Black text says: "lights on" and "years screaming for my beauty." The fragments are all that remains of the phrases written while working here. 


Mutated flowers are dotted throughout, and there is an emphasis on winged beings in the image - meant to encourage one's freedom, passion and adventure.


36" x 40"




Time to Come - A Theory for Tomorrow