The Non-Binary Coloring Book
December 2016, 1st Ed. 

This is an anti-coloring book that wants to get in your face and make space for genderqueer, gender non-conforming, disabled, fat, and non-binary folx. We belong here and we deserve to see people who look like us or make space for us to fill in the pieces of ourselves. The Non-Binary Coloring Book blossomed to teach people about complexities of gender, and encourage people to self-educate about the transgender community. Now it is a testament to resilience, existence and future. While creating this work, I wanted to push my understanding of negative space and see how constructing images without boundary could influence the perception and interaction between viewer and image. Coloring inside the lines simply stopped making sense. There are fragments of language and depending on the viewer, the text is either part of an everyday vernacular or something that is yet to be witnessed.


Each image was done in black ink on bristol paper. I used a bamboo calligraphy tool to "scratch" the lines onto the surface. I liked the rugged texture this tool provided - giving the illustrations a rough edge to them. There are now 60 pages in the book, each printed single-sided. There are 150 copies in the forthcoming fourth printing. 


Further expressions of this work may occur with future printings.